What sets you apart from your competitors?

In September, we will be celebrating 20 successful years at Deborah Drew Designs. Knowledge and experience are critical in this fast-moving industry, and I have completed well over the 10,000 hours, pre-requisite for the ‘expert’ badge we’ve all heard about. I was the interior designer on BBC 1’s DIY SOS for four of those years, having to work under enormous pressure and to very tight deadlines. Over the years, and armed with experience, you naturally end up working smarter, which is why our clients highly value our input on their projects.

Describe the best project you ever had

Holm House was a fantastic project to design – I was involved in every aspect and managed every design element through to completion, including organising the design trades and suppliers, it was great as I had been given creative autonomy; it was a pleasure to be a part of the team and the location was quite nice too!

What motivates you?

Quite simply high standards. I love what we do, all our clients are such lovely people and our relationships are particularly strong. When we meet we always have a good catch up, about life in general, before we put our design heads on and get down to work. Playing such an important part in helping make sure they meet their objectives in their own homes, I think, is a real privilege. My aim is to deliver to the highest standard, which I would personally expect both in terms of customer service and quality.

Where do you see the business in five years?

The company is growing year on year, and we’ve needed to expand the team to meet this increase. Samantha Hedges joined the Company in 2016 as our full-time Design Co-ordinator and she is outstanding, clients love her. I would like to continue this growth steadily over the next five years, and during which time, launch our new e-commerce website, currently under development.

What has been your biggest achievement to-date

From a design perspective, probably DIY SOS, only because I can’t believe I did it in the first place, I was never truly comfortable staring into a great big camera lens – I prefer to look at two little lenses called eyes!

Favourite room in your house? Why?

I would have to say our Living Room, it’s always very inviting after a long day in the office.

Published in Cardiff Life Issue 167 – available here

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