Holm House Hotel

When I first visited Holm House Hotel, I was immediately struck by the sense of calm I drew from its inimitable channel view. This exquisite seascape, cradles two impressive islands of differing proportions, Flatholm and Steepholm, and is cloaked in a deep green English coastline on the horizon. The islands have a powerful familial presence. The perfect distance between them lets each one shine in their own glory, yet somehow one would not be right without the other.


This very special view belongs to Holm House; in fact, it is Holm House. As an interior designer, I knew I would be doing a disservice to this stunning hotel and its many guests if I let them draw the curtains and close the doors on this unrivalled beauty. I had to recreate a sense of calm for guests to appreciate for their entire stay at Holm House. I was keen to capture these seaside flavours, to harness the essential elements of this seascape and give each room its own unique sense of coastal charm.


I wanted to give each area within the hotel its own identity, yet seamlessly blend these areas to compliment one another and reflect the concept I envisaged. I worked on a palette of relaxing muted hues such as pebble, sand, sea and surf. I used complimentary fabrics within each design, including linens and cottons, and I used patterns and textures evocative of those very special ‘days by the sea’, so each guest will feel relaxed and refreshed, and making every stay at Holm House Hotel extremely memorable.

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